Normerica Thailand was established in 2008 by Normerica Inc., is a Canadian corporation operating out of Ontario, Canada. Northdown Industries Inc. is our affiliate operating in the United States of America, and Normerica Thailand is a Thailand Corporation, wholly owned by Normerica Inc. and is located in Wangnoi, Ayutthaya

In 2021, the Normerica Group and affiliated companies combine part of Minerals Technologies (MTI) We have developed a working system. and personnel continuously seriously under the requirements of Minerals Technologies, which is a global organization.

Normerica Thailand Company has focused on producing products in the group of natural dog food, using quality chicken meat. through standardized production processes This ensures that our products are safe for your dog.

Normerica Thailand also pays attention to the production process. by focusing on modern production processes meet international standards Experienced personnel product quality control and machinery used in production including all processes from the beginning.

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